Colony KC



colony takes great pride in its cocktail menu. we feature cocktails that put itself on par with some of the best cocktail bars in kansas city. the one difference about us, is the atmosphere. we serve high quality, handcrafted cocktails in an unpretentious, non stiff, casual place to get to know your neighbors.

Our very own ethan bunce was nominated for the pitch’s 2018 best bartender in kansas city.

besides the classic cocktails, below is a menu of our seasonal menus


Rhymes With Schmorange Schmulius | strawberry-sage oleo-saccharum handmade syrup, orange juice, lemon, heavy cream, Mean Mule blue agave

Good Grief | handmade winter simple, angostura bitters, smoke infused union horse whiskey served with a cinnamon stick

granada | rosemary & clove infused builders gin, orange juice, pomegranate juice, ginger beer with a sprig of rosemary and pomegranate seeds

winter solace | turbinado simple, spiced rum, dry curaçao, big o ginger, cold brew coffee, topped with tonic and served with an orange twist

your daily task | hot water, handmade rest easy honey simple, cinnamon heat infused whiskey, lemon juice, garnished with lemon wedge and connamon stick


rino white russian | rieger’s vodka, cafe amaro, simple, heavy cream and orange twist

clover club | broker’s london dry gin, raspberry simple, lemon juice, egg white and angostura bitters

sazerac | rebel yell rye, raw simple, angostura bitters, peychaud’s bitters with an absinthe rinse and orange twist

juan collins | coa reposado tequila, simple, lemon juice, topped with club soda and lemon wedge

horsefeather | four roses bourbon, angostura bitters, cock & bull ginger beer with a lemon wedge